Shelagh’s First Podcast: May You Live In Interesting Times

Now you can read or listen to my thoughts

I’m delighted to begin bringing you my thoughts over your speaker or headphones, as well as your screen. With each podcast, I’ll share my thoughts on topics of relevance for readers around the globe. In the case of this first podcast, I’m expanding on the scope of my latest Weekend Poll.

Shout outs to readers

I value my readers, and appreciate it when you’re in touch – either here, or on social media. At the end of each podcast, I’ll be extending my appreciation to specific readers and professional associations.

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Please drop a note, here (click on the “Leave a comment” icon) or on social media, to let me know what you think of this podcast … and, while I have a number of podcasts already planned, including stories about my travels as I present to audiences in different countries, I’m happy to learn about other topics you’d like me to discuss.

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