Weekend Poll Results: Not Many Are Concerned About Alexa vs. Assistants

… at least in the short term. Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is rapidly evolving and making inroads on some sectors. In my latest Weekend Poll, I asked readers one question – with two timelines.

The question: How worried are you that robots and computers could replace you in your job? I asked you to select one of four response options for five years out and for 10 years out.


Looking 5 and 10 years ahead

In the short term, almost 40% of you are generally unconcerned. At the other end of the spectrum, 8% reported being very worried; all other respondents land somewhere in the middle.

When it comes to how readers feel about the impact on your careers 10 years out, when we won’t yet have reached what’s anticipated as the third wave of AI, the numbers shift. The percentage of those in the “not at all worried” camp drops from 38% to 23%. There’s no increase at all to the percentage of you who feel “very worried”, but more respondents have some degree of worry about robots and computers replacing you in your job.


What readers said

Here are a couple of readers’ perspectives, which I always appreciate. These come from people on different continents and in different sectors. How do their views compare to yours?

  • The future is viable for Executive Assistants – as long as they can (a) help their businesses understand that AI and technology will, yes, make transactional admin more efficient and self-sufficient, but (b) Executives will still always need an EA with bucket loads of Emotional Intelligence, empathy, subtle soft skills of HUMAN dexterity, because no computer or robot can read a room or know the right / wrong time to approach an Executive when they are in the right frame of mind (or not) to make a crucial decision, or give them thinking space to consider a strategic move, or just help smooth the day and make it navigable for them.
  • I was recently advised that business advisors are saying Best Practice is self-serve model due to AI … that means elimination of the “Admin” role. Big companies will be key implementers til it trickles down to small business resulting in org standard.



AI 3

How worried are you that robots and computers could replace you in your job in the next five years? 

  • 38% Not at all worried
  • 31% Not too worried
  • 23% Somewhat worried
  • 8% Very worried


How worried are you that robots and computers could replace you in your job in the next 10 years? 

  • 23% Not at all worried
  • 38% Not too worried
  • 31% Somewhat worried
  • 8% Very worried

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