Where Will You Find Me Next Week?

In Florida! I’ll soon be on my way to the Sunshine State to give three presentations at ASAP’s 26th Annual Administrative Professionals Conference in Kissimmee.

The conference program reflects participants’ commitment to ongoing professional development, with great speakers and sessions that are relevant to career assistants. Here’s a look at the two sessions I’ll be delivering.

Board Management and Relations: Delivering to a Diverse Group of High Achievers –  Tuesday morning and afternoon: Executive Assistants may be surprised to learn just how transferable some of their skills are to working with a board of directors. Sure, the governance career can be challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding for pros who are ready to deploy their talents on a new career path.

Cybersecurity: How to Ensure You’re An Asset, Not a Liability, to the Executive Team – Wednesday morning: This is a particularly timely conversation, as October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. However, EAs are specifically targeted by cyber criminals year-round, and so we’ll spend time focusing on how to recognise and mitigate risks associated with tech breaches.

Come up and say hello – I’ve already heard from some readers who will also be at the APC conference, and look forward to meeting others in Kissimmee. Please come up and say introduce yourself.

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