Weekend Poll: Life-Work Balance and Workaholics

Do you find yourself working ridiculously long hours, or routinely checking email and acting on business matters even from home? This time last year, I was freshly returned from England, where I presented in London and Manchester to EAs and PAs who are members of EPAA (Executive and Personal Assistants Association).

This Weekend Poll is now closed. You can find the results by clicking here.

High achiever or workaholic?

In one of those presentations, I discussed the qualities of high performers. I took care to distinguish between performing at a high level and being a workaholic. I think it can be all too easy for some to blur the lines, and that led me to conduct my first Weekend Poll asking assistants if you’re workaholics. The results were telling.


Do you switch off? 

… and, if so, how do you switch off from the office life?  That’s the question an EA in one of my Facebook groups posed late this week. I believe it comes down to establishing and maintaining boundaries, respecting oneself, commanding others’ respect and more.

We’ll look at this, and what I’ve come to think of as life:work balance (have you noticed that we typically put work first even in describing such an aspirational balance?) in an upcoming Weekend Poll. For now, let’s focus on this aspect of the discussion …

Are you a workaholic who burns the midnight oil?

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below. As always, I look forward to hearing what you have to say and will publish results next week.

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