Best of Real Careers: Kemetia Foley

I’ve been publishing interviews with high performing assistants from 23 countries since 2015.

In addition to continuing to publish many more inspiring and informative Real Careers interviews, it’s a pleasure to also regularly re-introduce some of the many wonderful women and men I’ve interviewed to date. This week, we’re revisiting my interview with … 

Kemetia Foley

There’s inspiration and sage advice to be found in these interviews, and today I invite you to enjoy my Real Careers interview with Kemetia Foley.

Kemetia lives in Virgina, about eight miles / five kilometers west of Washington, DC. A fellow public speaker, Kemetia continues to work full time at American Staffing Association (ASA), but has changed roles there since I interviewed her. She’s now Coordinator, Research. Click here for my interview with Kemetia.

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