Weekend Poll: Test Driving New Survey Tools

Hello, dear readers. I’m publishing this as a test drive of some new software features I’ve acquired for my Weekend Polls. I’m publishing this primarily to check on presentation and to validate that results will be automatically consolidated and reported to me.

If you happen to see this and feel like participating, that’s a pure bonus. I’ll publish my actual Weekend Poll after taking a look at how this sample works out. Since this is only a trial run, I’m not necessarily planning to publish results – unless, that is, there’s something spectactular or particularly interesting to report to you! That brings us to …


Hint: one thumb up is the lowest possible rating; three thumbs up represent the best possible rating you could give.
AssistantBusiness Support ProfessionalChief of StaffExecutive AssistantManagement AssistantOffice ManagerParalegalPersonal Assistant
Thanks for selecting the title that resembles the best fit.
You know me so well.You have got to be kidding!Uh, nope; that's not me.
I've already begun humming Christmas songs
My home will be decorated by Dec 1
I'll ease in to the season; no mad rush
We'll be lucky to have a tree up on Dec 24
We don't observe Christmas
I just can't wait! I love this time of year.


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