Best of Real Careers: Sally Lloyd

We’re off to Scotland today! In my Real Careers series, I’ve been publishing interviews with high performing assistants from around the globe – 23 countries – since 2015.

In addition to continuing to publish many more inspiring and informative Real Careers interviews, it’s a pleasure to also regularly re-introduce some of the many wonderful women and men I’ve interviewed to date. This week, we’re revisiting my interview with … 

Sally Lloyd

There’s inspiration and sage advice to be found in these interviews, and today I invite you to enjoy my Real Careers interview with Sally Lloyd. Having interviewed Sally in June 2016, it was a real treat to then meet her when I presented at the Scottish PA Network’s Spring Showcase in March of this year.

I remain appreciative that Rosemary McLennan, Director of the Scottish PA Network, invited me to Edinburgh to present to this professional association earlier this year. You’ll see both Sally and Rosemary in the photos below, from the impressive Spring Showcase and my first (but not last!) visit to wonderful Edinburgh. Click here for my interview with Sally.

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