Weekend Poll: Gearing Up for the 2018 Holidays

Here we are, at the midpoint of December and rapidly approaching the end of 2018!

You no doubt have a busy couple of weeks ahead, and so let’s get straight to my latest Weekend Poll, in which I ask …

How do you gear up for and spend the holidays?

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below, and I’ll publish results this coming week.  

Hint: One star is the lowest possible rating; click on all three to represent the best possible rating you could give.
Yes; statutory holidays onlyYes; both statutory holidays AND paid leaveYes; both statutory holidays AND leave without payNo
It's a given; no work for me over the holidaysI'll answer phone calls from colleaguesI'll check and respond only to urgent mattersI'll check email periodicallyI'll be working/catching up & checking emailI'll check email daily
Small, low keyParties with a good crowdI like a mix of both

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