Weekend Poll: Are You Goal-Focused in 2019?

We’ve wrapped up this Weekend Poll, and you can find the results by clicking here.

Now that we’re past the middle of the month and (with a little luck!) have moved on from new year’s greetings, you and your colleagues may have settled back into routines in the office.

That is, unless you’re one of my readers who is in the midst of a job search – in which case you’re in good company, and wise to stay in touch with your networking contacts along with all the other efforts you’re making.

Whatever your current status, it’s good to establish goals. A good approach?

Establish quantifiable goals, make them known, and routinely measure your progress

In identifying your goal, make it quantifiable; identify metrics/measures and your timelines. Predetermine dates on which you’ll routinely assess your progress, and enter them in your calendar. Making yourself publicly accountable (if only to one or two people) also helps the process along. I’ve been writing about goal setting for a few years now, and asking readers about your practices.

Let’s take our first 2019 look at goal setting, beginning with this question:

Have you established goals for 2019?cropped-goal.jpgPlease take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below, and I’ll publish results next week.

YesNoFor the most part
YesNoI'm not there yet, but am working on this
YesNo, and I don't plan toNo, but I will
YesNoNot yet, but I'm working on this
YesNoNot yet, but I'm working on this





2 Comments on “Weekend Poll: Are You Goal-Focused in 2019?

  1. Is this a Canadian group, US group or international? Where is the “headquarters” location? Thanks!

    • Hi, Kim, and thanks for asking. I’m a Vancouver-based Canadian who trains and writes for an international audience. Readers connect here and across social media. You can learn more about Exceptional EA on the “About” page. – Shelagh

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