Weekend Poll: Do You Get Enough Sleep?

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For those of us in the northern hemisphere, spring is just days (11, but who’s counting?!) away. In Vancouver, we typically enjoy wet but mild winters that lead to all manner of blossoms in February. For example, some gorgeous pink buds were already partially open on our camellia tree six weeks ago … but an unusually cold and even snowy month (uncommon in this locale) saw those early buds drop to the ground before they could come into full bloom. 

Fortunately, the tree has multiple other buds that will soon open and the crocuses have caught up. As temperatures return to seasonal norms, the city will hopefully soon be awash in ornamental cherry tree blossoms. I also know that Vancouver is practically tropical in comparison to the cold and snow that some of you encounter each winter, and I expect no sympathy for having to wait until March this year for our garden to bloom! For those of you reading this in hot, sunny climes, trust me when I say your peers in northern climes typically can’t wait for this upcoming change of season. Weather aside, we know that spring is approaching because tomorrow marks the beginning of Daylight Savings. This means it’s time to …

Spring forward

That’s right! In many time zones, we set our clocks forward by an hour a week or so before the official onset of Spring. We’ll function on what’s known as Daylight Savings Time until autumn, when our clocks will “fall back”. We “spring” forward by an hour and give up an hour of the day in exchange for more daylight hours. Tomorrow’s sunset over the Pacific won’t occur until after 7:00 p.m.

Hearing some people talk about losing that single hour of sleep tomorrow made me think again about the importance of sleep to good health. I’ve posed sleep-related questions in previous Weekend Polls, but I’ve typically done so late in the year. Let’s see if an almost-Spring look at sleep practices yields any significant change in responses.  That leads to the focus of my latest Weekend Poll:

  Do you make sleep a priority?

18_9016 Sheep,Lamb_Near_Anstruther_Scotland_cropped Copyright Shelagh DonnellyPlease take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below, and I’ll publish results in the week ahead.

Hint: One thumb up is the lowest possible rating; click on all three thumbs up to represent the best possible rating you could give.
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<5 hours
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7-8 hours
>8 hours
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