Weekend Poll: Are you cybersecurity savvy?

Are you and your colleagues at risk of getting caught in a web of digital breaches at home and in the office?

About Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an issue for all business and organisations, in all sectors.

I’ve been speaking on this important matter to international audiences since 2017, and will be back at it again in just over three weeks, presenting at IAAP’s Summit 2019 in National Harbor, Maryland.

My third annual cybersecurity weekend poll 

I’ve also been writing about cybersecurity for some time, and circulated my first Weekend Poll on the topic in October 2017. At that point, almost one in five assistants who participated reported that they had limited (or no) awareness of the topic.

In 2017, only 48% of respondents reported that they’d received cybersecurity training within their respective offices. By 2018, that percentage had increased modestly, to 56.5%. Even with that increase, that leaves a significant percentage of assistants who’ve not received in-house cybersecurity education – and so it’s a good thing conference organisers are including my presentations on their programmes.

Now, it’s time to see how assistants are doing in terms of cybersecurity awareness in 2019.  This leads me to ask:

1-Cybersecurity-Copyright-Shelagh-DonnellyHow prepared are you to avoid getting caught in a web of cyber breaches?

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below. As always, I look forward to hearing what you have to say and will publish the results here.

Modules or resources are online, and it's up to us to access themWithin the last monthWithin the last quarterWithin the last half yearWithin the last yearMore than a year ago
YesMy cybersecurity PD is limited to what Shelagh’s presented or written on the topicNo
1 (not concerned)2 (I understand it's an issue but think we take appropriate measures)3 (very concerned)
1 (not concerned)2 (I understand it's an issue but think I take appropriate measures)3 (very concerned)
passwordspass phrasesI use passwords and pass phrases
1 password2 passwords3 passwords4 passwords5 passwordsmore than 5 passwordsI use distinct passwords for every account or log-in
YesNoOnly occasionally
1 (they're embarrassingly obvious)2 (they're not obvious but neither are they strong)3 (they're challenging)
123 - 56 - 1011 - 1516 - 24More than 2 dozenMore than 3 dozen
Yes - for the officeYes - for personal useYes - for both office and personal useNo
Yes, I have a handwritten list and keep it securedYes, I have a handwritten list but it's not under lock and keyYes, I have a list stored on my computerNo

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