Cybersecurity: phishing in the time of COVID-19

As we reach the conclusion of what may have been a tumultuous week for many, here’s something else to keep in mind.

Some of you know of my interest in cybersecurity; you may have been to one of my presentations on this important topic. If so, you’ll have heard me state that this type of crime is constantly evolving.

In order to remain current, I subscribe to and pay attention to a number of feeds. One source, the Herjavec Group, has today issued a threat advisory.

Phishing attempts

Some cyber attackers are taking advantage of concerns about COVID-19/coronavirus to circulate phishing emails with subject lines purporting to provide helpful information about the pandemic. Their goal is to entice readers to click on malicious links and/or open malicious attachments.

It’s not uncommon for phishing attempts to include references to brands readers know and trust. Whether you’re working within your office or are now working remotely, be aware. Remain cautious about which emails you open, and the links and attachments you access.

Working from home? 

In the office, your IT colleagues likely have multiple controls in place to impede/block cyberattack attempts. You may not have that same degree of protection when working from home, and so you want to exercise care to avoid inadvertently downloading malware.

Keep calm – and aware

Courtesy of Herjavec Group, here are a couple of sample phishing email subject lines to be aware of. Exercise your good judgement in screening emails, and all electronic messages.

  • “COVID-19 – Now Airborne, Increased Community Transmission”
  • “Attention: List Of Companies Affected With Coronavirus March 02, 2020”

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