Does COVID-19 have you preparing to WFH? Here’s a checklist

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had home offices as idyllic as the one in this image? I know that’s not the case, and that many assistants right now have eliminated their commutes and find yourselves working from their dining room tables or other temporary arrangements. Others among you may be preparing to do so.

Regular readers know how significant I believe our networks are to assistants. With COVID-19/the coronavirus dominating our lives of late, I consider myself fortunate to have been able to reach out to some impressive people in my own network: the leaders of some of this career’s professional networks and associations. 

As a result, I’m able to bring you insights that began with yesterday’s opening look at the Italian experience.

Preparing to work from home?

Many of you reading this will already be working from home (WFH). If you and your employer are assessing preparedness to do so, this post contains a checklist that may help.

Kudos to Vicki Faint of New Zealand and AAPNZ

Faint-Vicki-New-ZealandVicki Faint is National President of New Zealand’s Association of Administrative Professionals NZ, also known as AAPNZ.

Vicki is also Executive Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor (Chief Executive Officer) of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

In responding to the questions I posed of the network and professional association leaders you’ll see featured here in the next few days, Vicki kindly sent a screen shot of a work from home checklist used at the University.

A checklist you and your employer may want to consider

If you’re not yet working from home, you and your employer will need to assess your preparedness to do so. Your principals (bosses) and other colleagues may also be preparing to shift operations to their respective homes, and so this can also help them.

Working from the screenshot Vicki kindly sent me as well as my own experience, I’ve drafted a checklist you and your colleagues may wish to consider. Click here to download this Word document and, as you use or adapt it to suit your organisation, share word of how this is just one more example of how assistants network and help one another around the globe.

Click here for your Working from Home checklist

More to follow

… as I share more of my interviews with Vicki and other leaders

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