Building resilience in the face of change

I’ve been thinking a great deal about assistants, change and resilience for some time. 

It occurs to me that this could be a good time for assistants – and everyone – to take a bit of time to think about how we build and nurture resilience. I’ll continue to write more about this in the context of the pandemic and, as well, resilience features strongly in one of my new webinars, Career and Life Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

As you’ll see in an article I wrote pre-pandemic, resilience is the focus of my upcoming book. Click on any of the links in this post to have a look at my thoughts. Or, as with many of my articles related to the career and to wellbeing, you can readily find these by following the drop-down tabs at the top of your screen.

Click here for my pre-pandemic article on building your resilience


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