Weekend Poll: How cybersecurity savvy are you in 2020?

It’s a year to the day since I last asked readers about your cybersecurity awareness, and steps you take to mitigate risks. Now, as more people than ever have been working remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s increasingly relevant for people across the org chart to be cyber aware.

As this year progresses, we’re becoming increasingly reliant on digital communications. The World Economic Forum is just one of many bodies to have recognised the significant increase in cyber risks all of us face given transformations to how we do business. I’ve been writing and speaking about cybersecurity for a few years now, and will be delivering my next live cybersecurity webinar on September 8th; you can learn more my 75-minute cybersecurity webinar here, and I also customize the presentation for specific employers/employees and associations.

My fourth annual weekend poll focusing on cybersecurity

When I published my first Weekend Poll focused on cybersecurity, in October 2017,  almost 20% of the assistants who responded reported that they had limited (or no) awareness of the topic.

That same year, only 48% of respondents reported that they’d received cybersecurity training through their employers. The percentage increased to 56.5% in 2018, and 75% in 2019. Still, 65% of last year’s respondents said you’re not confident you know enough. 

Now, it’s time to see how assistants are doing in terms of cybersecurity awareness in 2020  This leads me to ask:

How prepared are you to avoid getting caught in a web of cyber breaches?

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below. As always, I look forward to hearing what you have to say and will publish the results here.

1 - limited or no knowledge23 - high knowledge level
Modules or resources are online, and it's up to us to access themWithin the last monthWithin the last quarterWithin the last half yearWithin the last yearMore than a year ago
YesMy cybersecurity PD is limited to what Shelagh’s presented or written on the topicNo
1 (not concerned)23 ( very concerned)
1 - not concerned23 - very concerned
passwordspassphrasesI use both passwords and passphrases
1234>5I use distinct passwords or passphrases for every account or log-in
YesNoOnly occasionally
1 - embarrassingly obvious23 - challenging
123-56-1011-1516-24> two dozen> three dozen
Yes - in my careerYes - for personal useYes - for both career and personal useNo
Yes, I have a copy list and keep it securedYes, I have a hard copy list but it's not under lock and keyNo
Yes; I store it on my business hardware and it's password protectedYes; I store it on my business hardware but it's NOT password protectedYes; I store it on my personal hardware and it's password protectedYes; I store it on my personal hardware but it's NOT password protectedNo
YesNoI hadn't thought about this, but I will now

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