Weekend Poll: A September pandemic check-in

How are you doing? We’re approaching the final quarter of the year, and what a year it’s been.

A September like no other

While many of you continue to work remotely, others are preparing to return to office environments, at least on a hybrid basis. I know some assistants who are delighted to have this option, working from home some days and in the office part of each week. There are also assistants now searching for new roles as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, or awaiting the results of internal consultations before restructuring results in some layoffs.

Event planning – welcoming colleagues back, and Christmas/holiday functions

In any other year, assistants around the globe would already be on top of event planning for Christmas/holiday events, and you’d likely also have coordinated or contributed to other celebratory occasions such as retirement parties, recognition of long service, outstanding service and more.

Instead, some assistants are on the front lines for welcome back event or protocol planning. Depending on your organisation and locale, you may be sorting out whether the organisation will host any of its typical year-end events this December, and whether it’s suitable to hold them in person or virtually.

If you have well received ideas for in person welcome back practices, or for virtual celebrations, please offer them in the “Comments” section of this page. You’ll see an icon near the top of your screen to “Leave a comment”, and a “Leave a reply” comment box at the base of this post.

Your 2020 experience in a nutshell … or a GIF

If you’re on Twitter and would like to have a bit of fun, feel free to tag me – @ExceptionalEA and use the hashtag, #2020InANutshell – in a tweet with a single GIF that’s indicative of your take on this most unusual year. Now, on to the Poll …

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below. As always, I look forward to hearing what you have to say and will publish the results here.

I'm having a difficult time.The pandemic has brought challenges, but overall I'm doing fine.I'm doing well.
I'm out of work and searching for a new roleI've been at the office throughout the pandemicI'm back to working in the officeHybrid - I can work both remotely and in the officeI'm working remotely; expect to be working in the office again by Dec 2020I'm working remotely; expect to be in office again in Q1 2021I'm working remotely; expect to be in office again by mid-2021I'm working remotely; expect to be in office again by end of 2021I'm working remotely; no return date
YesNoNot to this point, though some are anticipated
NoYes; I now support more people than pre-pandemicYes; the scope of my role has changed, resulting in a heavier workloadNo, though I expect my workload will increase if reductions/layoffs occur and I retain my role
I have a spare/dedicated room for workI have no dedicated room; I set up shop at my dining room table or some other space that I set up and clear away each day when my work is doneI have no dedicated room; I set up shop at my dining room table or some other space and "live" around it, dismantling it only for weekends or special occasions
It's poor and would not be considered acceptable in an office environmentIt's imperfect but workable on an interim basis, and I'm making a point of ensuring I change position/stretch or walk around every hour or soIt's good
personal chair - a desk chair that I find works wellpersonal chair - a table chair or other chair that's less than idealdesk chair provided by employer
back in an office environment with colleaguesworking from home/remotelya hybrid arrangement, in which I can work from home as well as in an office environment with colleagues
Yes - I source and/or order our PPEYes; I'm the point person for people to collect their PPEYes; I source/order it and am the point person for people to collect their PPENo, though another assistant does have these responsiblilitiesNo
Yes - in personYes - a virtual eventNoWe don't know yet

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