Moving forward: Join me this Tuesday and Wednesday

A special year-end event on December 1st and 2nd

We’re moving forward, and that’s the theme of my special year-end event.

I believe in being both pragmatic and positive. This approach is reflected in all my courses and speaking presentations, and that’s what you can expect this week.

Whether this year is winding down nicely for you, or has proven to be an annus horribilis (a horrible year) professionally, it’s time to both look and move forward.

Position yourself, your employer for progress

We’ll begin by looking back on 2020, and how we can put its lessons to good use. We’ll build on those insights as we look at how to position yourself for progress and success in 2021. When you invest in your personal progress and success, you’re doing the same for your employer.

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What you can expect

Over the course of two days/90 minutes per day, we’ll focus on prioritising resilience over perfection, setting and achieving goals, honing influence, negotiation skills and more. Here’s a look at your six key takeaways and learning objectives.

Access recordings through to Feb 28, 2021

We invest in professional development in order to hone skills, build well-placed confidence and enhance our capacity to positively impact our organisations and colleagues. It can help to review concepts, and so registrants will have access to the recordings as you make your way into the new year ahead.

There’s also the matter of time zones. I know one registrant will be joining in at 5:00 a.m. her time; others will log on mid-day, late afternoon or early evening their time. Yet other assistants have also registered for my courses this year knowing they’ll sleep through what represents a middle of the night start in their time zone, and enjoy tuning in to the recordings at their convenience. Depending on where you live, this may prove to be an ideal approach.

Quality and value

As you’ll see on my Eventbrite page,  I’ve priced these three hours at less than the price of two of most of my single webinars. While this hasn’t been the year any of us anticipated, 2020 and assistants have been good to me, and this is my way of saying thanks before I take a bit of time off in December.

Join me this Tuesday and Wednesday

Join me live December 1st and 2nd. You can learn more and register by turning to my Eventbrite page.

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