Weekend Poll: Did You Plan to Become An Assistant?

This poll is now closed. Please check back for Shelagh’s report on the results.

… and how do you feel now about that career choice?

Are you glad you’re in this career? These are among the questions we’re examining in this Weekend Poll.

How did you land in this career?

Think back to your school days and your teen years. Did you plan a career as an assistant? I didn’t originally envision myself heading down the assistant career path, yet enjoyed success in the career in my early and mid-twenties. Soon after, I left the role to become a corporate trainer with responsibility for the introduction of a proprietary software system. With our family came another career change. Then, in my early thirties, I chose to return to the role.

I know from past Weekend Polls, as well as conversations, emails and interviews with assistants from around the globe, that I’m not unique in this. I’ve posed some of the questions you’ll see below in earlier Weekend Polls, and – this being 2021 – it seems incomplete to look at career satisfaction without taking the COVID-19 pandemic into account.

Let’s dive in, shall we? 

Did you envision a career as an assistant?

Take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below, and please share this poll with colleagues and peers in your various networks. I’ll publish the results next week, and may also share some of them in my upcoming book and presentations.

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