Does it sometimes feel as though you’re on a never-ending treadmill?

You’re in demand
Do you find yourself recording a meeting one day and then spending the rest of the week working through competing demands before you even think about polishing those minutes?
Or is your primary challenge one of securing all the submissions and supporting materials for agenda packages in a timely manner? When you support and record meetings for more than one committee or body, there are multiple demands on your time.
Perceptions and reputations
While meetings represent just one element of an assistant’s responsibilities, it’s a key element. Your capacity to produce accurate, effective agendas, agenda packages and minutes in a timely manner impacts perceptions and your professional reputation. 
I’ve been there

 I spent just over a decade supporting a board and a roster of what ultimately became five committees. Some years, I coordinated and recorded more than 60 meetings.

To keep my head above water and maintain credibility, I developed and introduced systems and practices that helped me stay on top of the workload. These also had positive impacts for stakeholders who participated in meetings, and for colleagues who were responsible for producing deliverables for all those agenda packages.

I can help you step off the treadmill and put systems in place
If you’d like to boost efficiencies and results, join me next Tuesday, May 4/21 for my course, Systems and Strategies for Effectively Supporting Multiple Committees. This comes complete with templates for you to adapt to suit your environment. You can learn more and register on my Eventbrite page
Here’s what you can expect in addition to our live session.
  • access to templates I’ve designed for you to download and adapt to your environment
  • 60-day access to the recording of our live session
  • a companion PDF workbook to help you plan your strategies and progress
  • a certificate of participation for your professional development portfolio

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