How Henrietta Barker turned the tables on Shelagh

When I write to let you know about interviews, I’m usually sharing the results of time I’ve spent learning more about high performing assistants around the globe. So far, I’ve interviewed assistants of various job titles from 27 different countries.

Early this year, England’s Henrietta Barker turned the tables on me.

The Assistants Together Podcast

London-based Henrietta is a recruiter of administrative talent, and we’ve been following one another on Instagram for a while. Months ago, Henrietta approached me with an invitation to join the growing number of interesting people she’s interviewed for The Asssistants Together, her podcast.

Henrietta launched her podcast in 2020, around the time people everywhere began to recognise we were in the midst of a pandemic. She continues to grow her podcast with an impressive array of people and perspectives, and is heard in more than 50 countries. I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual number is higher, as Assistants Together had passed that mark in early March!

Click here to listen to Assistants Together, with Henrietta Barker and Shelagh Donnelly

You can catch Henrietta’s podcasts directly from her website as well as on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud and Stitcher.

Our conversation

I was grateful for the invitation, and Henrietta and I soon found we could discuss the career and life in general for ages. When we got together to record this podcast, we focused on independent thinking, resilience, and more. You’ll see below some of the highlights of our conversation in Henrietta’s words, and you can hear this conversation by clicking here.

💥What resilience means for Assistants 
💥What does perfectionism mean? 
💥Her famous weekend polls 
💥Transitioning out of an Assistant role 
💥Looking for the positive as much as you can 
💥Change can be good if you know where you want to go 
💥How hybrid working is coming into force 
💥In a world of noise, how to be an independent thinker 
💥Pandemic survival mode, staying employed 
💥Knowing yourself 
💥Creating the career that you want 

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