Weekend Poll: Are you having office or network holiday parties this year?

It may seem early

After all, we’ve just turned the page on Halloween, and I particularly admire retailers who hold off on the Christmas decor (and songs!) until after Remembrance Day is observed November 11th. One local retailer, Stock Home, does just that and she’ll get more of my business for that very reason – and the fact that I like almost everything I see when I step in to her shop.

… and yet, time is flying. I’m writing this on Diwali, and send good wishes to all who mark the festival of lights. Blink, and American friends will soon be celebrating their Thanksgiving. Hanukkah will begin just three days later, and then it’ll be a mad dash to the end of 2021 – punctuated by Christmas and then New Year’s Eve celebrations.

An annual tradition

… with a blip or two. For years now,  I’ve asked readers about your December holiday office parties. Really, when you think about the planning involved in many of these events, I could just as easily have been calling these particular polls Assistants’ December Project Management Polls.

I didn’t pose the question in 2020

… and yet I know holiday parties are on many assistants’ radar right now. I did ask, in a September 2021 Weekend Poll, whether plans were underway at that point for 2021 holiday parties. At that point in time, 14% of respondents were anticipating in person events, and another five percent were anticipating virtual holiday events. Another 15% said their organisations were not going to have a holiday party this December, and 66% said it had yet to be determine. 

Since then, I’ve heard of a few different approaches to  2021 holiday party plans. So,  as we wrap up this ninth last week of 2021, I’ll ask … 

Are employers and networks hosting holiday parties this year?
If so, how will they take shape?

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below. As always, I look forward to hearing what you have to say and will publish the results here. 

1 - I don't like attending them2 - I enjoy them3 - I love them
Christmas party/eventHoliday party/eventSeasonal party/event
Yes, we had a virtual eventYes, we had an in person eventNo, we didn't have a partyWe didn't have a party; funds usually allocated to a party went to gifts or charity
Yes, a virtual eventYes, an in person eventYes, though in smaller groups across the organisationNo; budget is the dominant reasonNo; a potential further lockdown is the primary reasonNo; many people are not yet ready for thisIt's not yet been determined
People are generally keen to get together again, and celebrateNumbers won't be as high as usual, yet we'll have a good crowdReactions are mixed; some are keen, and others don't feel comfortable with thisWe're expecting far fewer people than usual
YesI'm not sure; it depends on circumstancesNo; not this year
Yes - in personYes - virtualNoWe're unsure; there may be another lockdownWe're unsure; gauging members' interest
seeing people in a social setting againhugsgetting out of the housedressing upa sense of normalcya fun night/afternoon outother - I'll add a comment

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