Weekend Poll: Are you getting enough sleep?

Resuming an annual tradition

Each year since 2016, I’ve asked readers whether you’re getting enough sleep. Last year was an exception and so, as we resume this annual look at sleep patterns, I’ll be tracking and reporting back to you on how this year’s results compare with pre-pandemic times.

Any changes to sleep patterns in pandemic times?

Different factors can impact how much rest we secure at any given point in time. Parents reading this may currently be experiencing – or vividly remember – periods of sleep deprivation. The same may be said of those caring for elderly family members, or anyone who’s had a young pet. Career and life changes may also impact the quantity or quality of our sleep.

Just as the assistant career continues to evolve, so does the scope of questions I include in a given poll. In this year’s sleep-focused poll, you’ll see I’ve added a few questions reflecting the times through which we’re living.

Sleep and resilience

While I’ve been writing about sleep in relation to health since 2016, I’ve been researching it further in the context of resilience. I’ll be sharing some of that info when I publish the results of this Weekend Poll, and also in my upcoming book, The Resilient Assistant. For those of you who know I began work on this book in 2018, it truly is coming; good things come to those who wait!

Please add your voice, and share this poll

I designed this poll so you can add your voice in just a couple of minutes; there’s a single open-ended question. Thanks as always for participating, and I appreciate it when readers share my polls with colleagues and friends. Let’s get to it, shall we? I’m asking … 

Are you getting enough sleep?

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below. As always, I look forward to hearing what you have to say and will publish the results here.  

I'm exhausted or worn outI'm a little tiredI feel fairly rested, yet could use more sleepI feel well rested
Yes, I typically get enough sleepNo, I don't typically get enough sleep
<5 hours5-6 hours6-7 hours7-8 hours>8 hours
I try to get extra sleep on the weekendsI don't try for extra sleep on weekends; my sleep patterns are consistent throughout the week
Watch TVReadEatGo onlineCheck emailRespond to emailCheck online calendarCheck social mediaPost to social media
NoThere's been sleep disruption here and there, though nothing ongoingYes; I tend to sleep moreYes; I tend to sleep lessYes, though I'd attribute that to other factors unrelated to COVID
Yes, I do - this is my norm when working from homeYes, I do - though only occasionally when working from homeNo

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    • That’s cosy, yet no doubt worth it to live in London1 Thanks, and I’ll make a note to include this in my results.

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