This $25 offer is not a Black Friday Sale

… and that $25 price was no typo

Depending on where you live, you may be inundated with and enjoying Black Friday sales today.
That’s not what this is about. Rather, as announced last week, this is my way of conveying appreciation to assistants and employers around the globe for continuing to entrust me with assistants’ professional development and growth.
Time zones a non-issue
With clients in different countries, continents and time zones, I thought it important to ensure these webinars will be accessible to you whatever your time zone. After you’ve registered, I’ll send you information on how to access the recordings through a secured section of my website.

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$25 US for my Holiday Webinar Bundle
I’m recording a trio of webinars you can enjoy at your convenience between December 25th this year and January 5th, 2022.  You can take advantage of this offer by clicking here, which will take you to my Eventbrite page.
I thought about topics that would be beneficial for assistants, and came up with a trio to help position you for success in 2022 and beyond.  
  1. Public Speaking; Stepping Up to Opportunities
  2. Making 2022 the Year of Your Personal Brand
  3. Proactive Preparation for Your 2022 Performance Review
To register, click on the link below to head over to my Eventbrite page.

Quality and value over 12 days

Once you’ve registered, you can access these as often as you like between December 25th this year and January 5th, 2022.
Christmas comes but once a year, and the same is true for this offer. Secure your holiday webinar bundle now, and enjoy repeat access to all three webinars at your convenience over this 12-day period. Please note: Given the truly exceptional quality and value of this offer, the workbooks and certificates I typically provide are not included in this holiday webinar bundle, which can help you prepare for a great start to 2022. Each webinar is approximately 45 minutes in length.
Share the news

Once you’ve secured the holiday webinar bundle for yourself, do something thoughtful for a friend and share the news of this special offer!

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