Thanks for having come together for Ukraine

Assistants in seven countries came together and made a difference

When we read and watch the news, it can sometimes be discouraging. That’s all the more so when we see a war unfolding before our eyes.
I know readers around the globe who’ve been finding or making ways to help support the people of Ukraine, and ease their suffering. That’s why I’m all the more appreciative that, in the space of a few days, assistants from a number of different countries registered by donation for a webinar I offered in aid of Ukraine and its citizens. Thank you to each of you who helped spread the word, registered and participated – either live or on demand.
In determining what webinar to offer as a fundraiser, it struck me that Making Yourself Heard, a session focused on public speaking, was entirely apropos. Think of how eloquently people, from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Russian news editor Marina Ovsyannikova have made their positions known of late.
Not everyone is comfortable with using their voice, whether it’s for one on one conversations, team meetings or speaking in front of a crowd. It’s not only assistants who can find public speaking daunting; you may know people across the org chart who feel the same way. Conversely, I know a number of assistants who are highly skilled public speakers.
While some people seem to have a natural flair for public speaking and are comfortable doing so, I suggest to you that the people you admire for these qualities have probably invested good, old fashioned hard work to reach that point. What’s more, the best public speakers don’t rest on their laurels; they continually hone their skills. In our time together this week, we focused on strategies and tips all of us can use, and on how a positive attitude can impact your outcomes.
Together, we raised $614, all of which is now in the hands of the Red Cross

I committed, when I published word of this fundraising webinar, to transparency. I said I’d report here on the amount, however small or large it might be, raised for Ukraine and its people. The total value of registrations came to just shy of $614 CAD, so I topped up the amount and made that donation two days ago to the Canadian Red Cross’ Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal. Thank you to everyone who’s taken action, either through this webinar or by other means, to help others.

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