Weekend Poll: What’s brought you happiness this week?

It’s been almost two years since, as we were all coming to terms with the implications of a global pandemic, I published a Weekend Poll focusing on positive thoughts. 

That came on the heel of conversations with another person who likes to focus on the positive, England’s Sarah Howson. Now,  while COVID, supply chain issues and inflation remain very much in mind, war and attacks on Ukraine and its people have replaced the pandemic in news headlines. There’s a fair bit of discouraging news out there.

All the more reason to focus on the positive 

I’m not suggesting we ignore harsh realities. Rather, we very much need to remain aware of what’s going on in the world. As assistants from different countries demonstrated just this week during my fundraising webinar for Ukraine,  we can also help others.

We can, and should, also seek out and celebrate all that’s good around us.

A healthy injection of positivity

What’s brought a smile to your face this past week? Do you have any “wins of the week”? In other words, what are you grateful for? You may choose to focus on career matters, or perhaps on people, the weather … anything you’ve found uplifting.

What’s making me smile

I’ll kick this off by reflecting on all the trees coming into bloom in our neighbourhood. We’re on the cusp of spring, and magnolias and plum trees are blooming alongside the daffodils, hellebores and some crocuses that are still hanging in there. Soon, we’ll also enjoy tulips and Vancouver’s much loved Japanese cherry tree (sakura) blossoms. We have a splendid variety of these trees all over our city. As I write this, I’m inhaling the incredible scent of three deep purple potted hyacinths.

I’m grateful for friendships and conversations with people near and far. Sometimes the timing can be interesting; one European friend and I caught up via an audio app while she was enroute to work early Thursday morning her time, which was very late evening my time. Shortly before publishing this, I enjoyed a WhatsApp text conversation with a friend in England. I’ve also enjoyed conversations – actual voice conversations as well as messaging – with local family and friends, and heard a couple of new “dad” jokes.

I’ve been corresponding with more than a few readers, friends and clients this week. This includes two impressive executive assistants, one from Italy and the other from Scotland, whom I’ve now interviewed for upcoming Real Careers interviews.

What else? This week, I was able to work with two really good groups of assistants from various countries over the course of two live webinars. I wish you could see me smiling as I also think of all the terrific people, associations and organisations I’ll get to visit and work with in person this spring, in Canada, Europe, the UK and the US.  

Please add your voice, and share this poll

Thanks as always for participating, and please do share the link to this poll with others. The more people who participate in this poll, the more uplifting thoughts I’ll have to share with you in the days ahead!

What about you? I’m asking …

What’s brought a smile to your face this week?

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