Why it makes sense for career assistants to learn about the world of governance


There are many good reasons for paying attention to governance. You may already support a board and your employer’s governance systems. Perhaps you work alongside an executive who’s responsible for providing reports to the board. Before I entered the world of governance, I worked with a CEO. Month after month, we prepared materials for board meetings, yet it was some time before I understood the nuances of how and why the board functioned as it did. Gaining that understanding helped me elevate my contributions.

You may be looking for ways to upskill and enhance your career prospects

You may be thinking, as we all should, about long term career prospects and aspirations. If you’ve been thinking of upskilling and wondering where to focus your efforts, this may be a logical fit. Perhaps increasing your strategic acumen is something you’ve been considering. When you begin to dive into the world of governance, this opens insights into the challenges and opportunities your executive team is facing on behalf of the organisation. The better informed we are, the better equipped we are to participate in strategic conversations and undertakings.

You may want to serve on a professional association board, or understand principles that guide how boards function

Are you a member of a professional association that has its own board? If you’ve ever considered putting yourself forward as a candidate for board service, you’ll need to understand the principles of governance in order to build credibility and be an effective board member. Perhaps you’ve helped elect people to board positions for such associations, and would like a better understanding of governance principles and board accountabilities.

Small group summer sessions to help elevate your knowledge base

Since departing my governance role in 2018, I’ve written multiple governance articles for publication by an international corporation, provided governance training for individual clients in different countries, and spoken at conferences for a stock exchange as well as an American corporation and Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC). I continue to invest in my own governance expertise, and look forward to sharing it with you.

Click here to register for one, two, three or all four offerings in my governance summer school sessions

I’ve created a special summer series of board-related webinars for career assistants. You’ll see I’ve designed these as small group sessions. You’re welcome to register for individual courses at $150 US each, or for all four for a package price of $500. You’ll find details and learning objectives at the URL below. For each course, I’ve created a PDF workbook for you to download, and you’ll have 90 days’ access to the recording after our live session.

Have a look at the base of this screen for a sense of my governance expertise and experience. You’ll see your trust, time and budget will be well placed.

Small group learning, with opportunities to confidentially send in questions/challenges for discussion

What can you expect?

These webinars build upon one another. We’ll begin with understanding what boards do, including individual and board responsibilities, and move from there to how to effectively support a board. We’ll progress to those all-important relationships and deliverables when you support a board. Relationships are heavily dependent on connections and communications and so, in our third session, we’ll focus on stakeholder communications. We’ll wrap up this series investing time in board culture – from onboarding to leadership changes and more.

To register

Please click on any of the titles below for details and to register. If schedules go awry or time zones preclude live attendance, register with confidence Shelagh will respond to challenges or questions you send in, and you’ll have 90-day access to the recording of your webinar. I publish a PDF workbook for each session, and send registrations certificates of completion for each session you attend.

The extent of my governance expertise

Here’s an overview of the experience and expertise I bring to these sessions.

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