Exceptional EA Turns Nine Today

An anniversary to celebrate 

Nine years ago today, while working in a demanding governance role, I launched Exceptional EA. I laid the groundwork in less than a week after deciding to create this website – you can read more in my upcoming book, which is getting close to the finish line! – and pressed “publish” on the initial post on July 28, 2013.

I write for those who want to build enjoyable careers and perform at a high level

That’s nine years of future-focused articles and professional development for assistants around the globe. Whether you turn to my website for insightful articles, Weekend Polls in which readers add their voices and perspectives, weekday inspirational quotes and photos, or my Real Careers interviews with assistants from 28 different countries, thank you.

Connecting assistants around the globe

Are you among those who’ve expanded your network of professional peers or friends through articles or interviews appearing here? That’s one aspect of this endeavour I find humbling and highly gratifying.

Thank you  

It’s a pleasure writing for you, and I value the many connections we’ve forged. Whether we meet digitally or through my online or in person speaking engagements, here’s to the next time we connect!


2 Comments on “Exceptional EA Turns Nine Today

  1. Congratulations Shelagh!! I knew you would accomplish great things, all while doing the things you love. It’s been a pleasure to see your site grow over the years, and follow along on all of your travels, photos, and speaking engagements. I can’t wait to read your book.

    • Ah, Nicole. It’s so good to hear from you! Thanks for your very kind words. I do love what I’m doing, and it’s great to know you continue to follow along on my journey.

      Am delighted, too, by the thought of you having “The Resilient Assistant” in your hands before long. Thanks for making the time to write.

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