Weekend Poll: Onboarding New Colleagues in ’22

Onboarding in the face of resignations/reshuffling and economic uncertainties

It was 2019 when I last asked readers about your onboarding practices – practices readers in some areas refer to as induction. Given the Great Resignation/Great Reshuffling following the Great Upheaval otherwise known as the COVID-19 pandemic, this seems a good time to look at how we’re supporting newcomers as they settle in to different environments and organisational cultures.

Are you ready to add your voice? Thanks for making the time to contribute, and do feel free to share this so others can also offer their insights and experiences.

What onboarding practices are in place in your organisation?

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below, and I’ll publish the results.

1 - low; we haven't seen many new hires2 - we're seeing new hires, yet at a level that's consistent with pre-pandemic changes3 - high; we're seeing more turnover than pre-pandemic
Yes, and we have documented protocols/ processes in placeYes, although we don't have documented protocols/processesWe help new hires, but it would be a stretch to call it an onboarding programNo
HROur own officeHR handles some aspects and our office takes care of the rest
Within a new hire's first week or two on the jobMonthlyQuarterlySemi-annuallyAnnually
HR has a formal program, but not necessarily near an individual's start date, so our office also has documented practicesHR has a formal program, but not necessarily near an individual's start date, so people in our office do what we can right awayHR has a formal program and we coordinate with them as to who will cover which aspects of onboardingEach office does their own thing
I'm the point personAnother assistant in our office is the point personThe principal (boss) within our office is the point personWe don't really have a system, but the assistants generally help out by responding to questions and providing guidance
1 - low; typically, very few questions or requests come my way; there's no impact on my productivity2 - 'll typically be asked for help and will field questions, but not to the extent that it's disruptive or impacts my productivity3 - The questions and requests for help tend to come my way; it can significantly impact my productivity
1 - poor2 - helpful3 - impressive
Half-day eventFull day eventTucked in as and when time permitsPaced with incremental provision of infoOther - please offer any comments below, in #14
Organisational IntranetSharePointSaaS - onboarding software (as a) serviceGoogle Docs/SheetsOneNoteWe send PDF documents by emailOther (please feel free to add a comment)
1-56-1011-2021-30more than 30
1-34-67-10well over 10

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