Dealing with change and disruption

Into each life some rain must fall …

Longfellow was right. How do you respond when life rains on your parade, or when change presents bumps in your road? Last week I was in Orlando, a major conference centre, for what must have been the fifth or sixth time. After speaking at this year’s impressive Administrative Professionals Conference, I made my first ever visit to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

On the heels of a day of brilliant blue skies, just as I was heading for a second ride through (ironically) Splash Mountain, the clouds burst open and let loose with a heavy rainfall. When a Vancouverite refers to a rainfall as heavy, you know it was substantial.

What did people do?

Well, safety-conscious staff closed the rides for the duration. More than a few people were prepared with ponchos. Many headed for cover, to wait out what proved to be an extended and impressive display of lightning and thunder. Others seemed to be making beelines toward the comfort of their hotels.

As rain pelted down, I was struck by the contrasts between those huddled for shelter and others who embraced the moment and enjoyed playing/splashing their way through the puddles. To be fair, those with ponchos were less exposed than those without rain gear, yet all of us who stepped out from beneath shelter soon found our feet soaked.

How do you choose to respond?

How do you respond when life throws a heavy rainfall/substantial change your way? Do you retreat to safety, or view change as an opportunity? Those who’ve heard me speak will know I encourage the latter approach.

Rather than resisting change, might you view it as an opportunity to experience something new – and perhaps find, after some initial discomfort, you appreciate the new ways? These days, when people have become more accustomed to change than in the past, might times of disruption be a great opportunity to invite discussion of constructive changes you’d like to see?

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