Meet (the) Bard, the latest competitor to ChatGPT

Are you feeling dizzy yet?

As mentioned in my article here last week, in my newsletters since December and in a number of LinkedIn posts of late, I’ve been playing with ChatGPT for almost a couple of months.

In case you missed my first website article, I’m including at the base of this article some screenshots of threads from my recent chats with this emerging generative AI.

Yesterday, Google introduced Bard – more competition for ChatGPT

Now, meet (the) Bard, Google’s entry in the competition with ChatGPT. Can you imagine the pressure the tech geniuses at Google have been under since competitor OpenAI – in which Microsoft has a substantial investment – opened the doors to ChatGPT users in December 2022?

In a poll on LinkedIn yesterday, I asked if you could see yourselves turning to ChatGPT rather than Google or other search engines. I didn’t realise business news services were on the cusp of reporting on Google’s entry to the AI chat market, its own “experimental conversational AI service” product named Bard.

Yesterday,  Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai announced Google would open its AI chat bot to the public in the weeks ahead. For now, it’s opened it up to what the company refers to as trusted testers. I wonder how crowded this field of AI will become in the years ahead, and the extent to which it impacts careers and lives. Your thoughts?

Have a look at this sampling of ChatGPT’s responses when I asked about its potential impacts on the assistant career – and more

I began by asking about this website. I figured ChatGPT may have some info, since I’ve been publishing Exceptional EA since 2013, long before ChatGPT’s knowledge cutoff. Have a look at the response.

What, then, did ChatGPT know about me? Read on.

Watch for my Weekend Poll on you and ChatGPT

Now that we’ve walked through my early experiences over the course of a few weeks on ChatGPT, please watch for my next Weekend Poll. I’ll pose questions here and have already begun doing so on LinkedIn, so we can gauge the extent to which assistants are receptive to AI resources such as Bard and ChatGPT, how you see yourself using them within your career, and more.

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