Join me this Wednesday if you’d like to build both confidence and skills

… in preparing minutes

It’s my experience that assistants are generally in one of three camps when it comes to recording meetings. Some lack confidence and find it challenging to identify what and how much to record, or when attribution is appropriate. Others are confident despite not having refreshed such skills in years. In the third camp, we have assistants who periodically invest care in ensuring their minutes reflect current standards and expectations. That’s where I come in.

Click here to register for this $99 US course. Our live session will run two hours, and includes a PDF workbook and 90 days of access to the recording of our session.

What do you look for when you look for training to help enhance confidence and elevate skills in preparing minutes?

✅ a skilled trainer who’s great to work with

✅ someone who’s done the work herself, and understand minutes are just one of many priorities competing for your time 

✅ someone who, having done the job until recently, is up to date on what stakeholders want and need from your minutes – and can help you reduce the number of edits to your work

✅ someone who provides clear guidance on what you should and should not include

✅ it’s a bonus if the trainer has experience in your sector

✅ it’s another bonus if this is someone who’s learned from decades of hard earned experience and shares practical tips based on recording up to 60 (yes!) board and board committee meetings per annum

If you’re looking for this and more from your trainer, I’m your person. I bring decades of experience, understand what today’s stakeholders want and need, and have held this responsibility in both the public and private sectors. 

You needn’t simply take my word for it, either. You can find references and excerpts from evaluations your peers have offered after attending my minutes webinars right here on my website; click here to check them out.

Join me this Wednesday, February 15/23 – or register and enjoy on demand access

However formal or informal the meetings you record may be, you can take advantage of all the hard earned insights and practical tips I have to offer. When you register for this $99 US session, you’ll get two hours of live training, a PDF workbook you can turn to in advance of future meetings, and 90 days of on demand access to the recording of our session. I know that on demand access comes in handy, as we’re not all in the same time zone. It also comes in handy as a refresher. Click here to register, and see you soon!

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