Inspiring Women

As we mark International Women’s Day 2023, I’m applauding the fine women I know and have known, and those I didn’t get to meet but whose lives and stories inspire me.

This photo compilation has yours truly tucked in alongside a small sampling of some inspirational relatives who are now gone, including (in the last two pics) equally loved and admired in-laws. Think of all the change across the span of these four generations – and the progress we want to see in upcoming generations, as there’s significant progress still to be made.

Each of these women would be pleased to see how the current generations of women in both families are making their marks, and to learn of the values held by those around them. Here’s to those, past and present, who’ve challenged, inspired and encouraged you – and to the generations and progress yet to come.

This comes with appreciation to all of you I’m privileged to count as friends and colleagues, and a gentle nudge. While special dates on the calendar are meaningful, we don’t need a special day to thank those who inspire us. Let those people know how meaningful they are to you.



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