Weekend Poll: How’s Your Cybersecurity Awareness?

Are you and your colleagues at risk of getting caught in a web of digital breaches at home and in the office?

About Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an issue impacting all business and organisations, in all sectors.

I’ve been speaking on this important matter to international audiences. Last year, I presented on the issue at IAAP’s Summit in New Orleans, and will provide more in depth cybersecurity sessions for IAAP members at Summit 2019 in National Harbor.  Last Fall, I spoke about cybersecurity pitfalls and solutions at EPAA’s professional development session in London – where, as you’ll see here, our room overlooked St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Earlier this year, I was back in London once again to present and provide cybersecurity recommendations at Executive Secretary LIVE.


October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

… and I’ve recently given an interview on the topic, for publication in the US next month. As well, I’ll soon be winging south to Florida to give three presentations for The American Society of Administrative Professionals’ (ASAP’s) 26th Annual APC Conference. In one session, I’ll focus on cybersecurity from the assistant’s perspective and discuss how to help mitigate risks.


Want an intro to cybersecurity?

With a strong belief that proactive assistants should inform themselves on the topic, I’ve also written on the topic here, with an introduction to why you should care about cybersecurity. You may also have read my cover story for Executive Secretary Magazine.


My second annual Weekend Poll on cybersecurity awareness

Last October, I asked readers around the globe a series of questions about cybersecurity. Almost one in five people acknowledged that they had limited (or no) awareness of the topic. Only 48% of respondents reported that they’d received cybersecurity training within their respective offices, so it’s a good thing conference organisers are including my presentations on their programmes.

You can see the full results of last year’s Cybersecurity Weekend Poll by clicking here. Now, it’s time to see how assistants are doing in terms of cybersecurity awareness in 2018 – and preparedness to recognise breach attempts.

This brings us to this weekend’s poll, which should take barely a minute to complete  How prepared are you to avoid getting caught in a web of cyber breaches?

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below. As always, I look forward to hearing what you have to say. If you’d like to add any comments, feel free to click on the “Leave a comment” icon just below the title of this article … and watch here for results on Tuesday.

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