Shelagh, the Cybersecurity Whisperer

Shelagh’s audiences engage, and become even more effective at identifying and mitigating cyber risks – in the office and at home! These are some of the terrific assistants in attendance for my recent presentation at Executive Secretary LIVE in Atlanta.

Assistants have multiple responsibilities and almost as many competing priorities. It can be all too easy to think about cybersecurity as something for IT professionals to manage. However, executive assistants can be popular targets for cybercriminals and even the best IT teams need their colleagues to take personal responsibility for risk mitigation.

With cybercrime attacks continuing to increase in frequency and sophistication, there are three types of organizations: those that have been hacked, those that have been hacked but don’t yet know it, and those that have yet to be hacked.

Shelagh is the Cybersecurity Whisperer

Your colleagues are doing their bit with firewalls, backups, data logs, maturity and penetration testing and much more. At the same time, criminals are continually refining tactics that can involve social engineering, phishing and strategies you may never have imagined.

That’s where I come in. Known as the cybersecurity whisperer, I don’t take it personally when people tell me I’ve scared them. I know this means I’ve done my job. The good news is that I do more than tell real-world stories of the impacts of cybercrime and just how susceptible individuals can be.

We have a bit of fun as we explore a very serious issue

I go beyond this to help people enhance their understanding of the extent of breach implications. I also help you learn to recognise risks and identify proactive steps you can take to mitigate those risks – both in the office and at home.

Could your office or event use some great cybersecurity training?

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