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You have important decisions to make. I’m here to provide not only stellar training and inspiration, but also the practical information and resources you need as we work together.

I respect and understand my audiences and the people with whom I work. I’ve walked the walk, and we connect with one another.

Let’s work together to provide interactive, inspirational learning and positive results. As a first step, please provide brief context by completing the following. You can typically expect a reply within 24 hours, and may also reach me at

Some resources for you
Shelagh’s presentations

Please explore the drop-down menus under “For Event Planners”.

You’ll find a list of presentations and PDFs providing summaries and learning objectives for many of Shelagh’s presentations, all of which she can tailor to meet your needs.

Looking for something else? Shelagh regularly develops event- specific training to meet clients’ needs. Let’s discuss your challenges, opportunities and goals.

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