For training and event planners

Whether you’re organizing onsite training, a conference or some other event, you have important decisions to make. I’m here to provide not only stellar training and inspiration, but also the practical information and resources you need as we work together.

Having spent much of my career as an executive assistant, I respect and understand my audiences. I’ve walked their walk in addition to having been a corporate trainer, and we connect with one another.


Some resources for you
Presentation themes
  • Business acumen – introduction to risk management, understanding governance, negotiation skills and more
  • Developing influence and your career – onboarding new colleagues, networking, public speaking, social media for the wary, advocating for what you want, writing for career success, professional presence
  • Adapting with technology – cybersecurity, IR4.0 and its implications for the career, building resilience in the face of change
  • Skills enhancement – planning successful meetings, elevating your minutes, being proactive rather than reactive, public speaking, business writing skills
In advance of your event

I make time to understand your needs. You can expect me to ask questions about goals, expectations, and challenges to be overcome. I’ll listen, and draw on my extensive experience and engage in research to customize a presentation to your specific needs.

Shall we talk?

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