Shelagh’s clients

A sampling of Shelagh’s clients, audiences
  • Administrative Professionals Conference of Canada (apc)
  • American Society of Administrative Professionals’ (ASAP’s) Administrative Professionals Conference (apc USA)
  • Barbados Stock Exchange
  • Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan)
  • Executive and Personal Assistants Association (EPAA) – United Kingdom
  • Executive Leadership Support (ELS) Forum
  • Executive Secretary LIVE
  • Governance and Presidents’ Office Professionals (CICan:GPOP)
  • Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC)
  • International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)
  • Network PA SW1 (London, England)
  • On The Right Track – Training and Consulting Inc.
  • Scottish PA Network

Kissimmee, Florida, 2018: a casual moment with some of the delegates attending the 2018 APC conference hosted by ASAP, the American Society of Administrative Professionals.

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Leicester, May 2019: Getting to know you. Before the Leicester edition of the 2019 EPAA Fellow Training Days began, it was good to spend time with some of the East Mids PA Network members in attendance

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