Career tips for 2020 and beyond: Tip Two

Here’s Tip Two

Invest effort in understanding your employer’s operating environment.

Be familiar with the strategic plan, or at least your unit’s deliverables, and with sector and economic conditions.

The more broadly you read, the better you’ll understand and speak the language of business – and we’re all in business, regardless of the sector in which you’re employed.

About those billowing clouds

On another note: I’ve been asked about the background image I’m using in this series of posts. This is a photo I took inside the New York Public Library’s branch that stretches across the 400 block of Fifth Avenue. Known as the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, this iconic property is situated on 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, and backs on to Bryant Park.

The library’s Rose Main Reading Room is a place of beauty. It’s an elegant room that spans 297′ by 78’/90.5 x 23.7 meters. Its ceilings are 52’/15.8 meters high, and they house a series of murals such as this one. That’s right; this is a photograph of a ceiling.


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