Career Tips for 2020 and beyond: Tip One

Can you believe we’re already about to close the books on January? By this point in the year, you’re accustomed to hearing from me with a Weekend Poll about goal setting – and that particular poll would of course include ideas on how to transition from the initial optimism associated with such goals to the reality of acting on and achieving success with your goals

You may have noticed that, apart from the daily inspirational quotes I like to share with readers, I’ve been less active here and on social media in the past few weeks. My extended family has needed me and so, independent of delivering a couple of training sessions to some impressive executive assistants at the National Basketball Association (NBA) in New York and New Jersey last week, I’ve laid low professionally.

February will mark a return to form, and you can look forward to Weekend Polls (and results) as well as Real Careers interviews that I needed to postpone.

10 tips for career success in 2020 and beyond

In fact, I’m kickstarting this return with a quick series of 10 career tips. I’ll publish one of these 10 tips each week day between now and next Friday. For those of you who follow Nicky Christmas of Practically Perfect PA, you’ll be pleased to know I’ll be appearing and expanding on these tips this March in Nicky’s “Top 10” podcasts series.

Tip One

This one is short and sweet: Treat what you do as a career, rather than a job.

Our own perceptions impact much of our lives. The lens through which you view what you do in your role as an assistant (whatever the job title) will impact how you approach and execute your responsibilities. Your attitude toward your work can also influence others’ perceptions of you. Think long term in treating what you do as a career.

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