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*See* you at my next virtual conference – Executive Secretary LIVE Global

When life hands you lemons, why not make lemonade? In this instance, the COVID-19 pandemic represents a monumental bushel full of lemons. Many of us were looking forward to gathering in New Zealand this August for the next edition of Lucy Brazier’s Executive Secretary LIVE. Executive Secretary LIVE Global represents the lemonade.

I’m delighted to be part of next weekend’s two-day virtual conference, and will be presenting immediately before IMA (International Management Assistants) Executive Chairman Nina Aunula.

Depending on your time zone, you may want to be an early bird (6:15 a.m. UK time) or night owl (10:15 p.m. on North America’s west coast, or 1:15 a.m. on the east coast) to catch my presentation on Day Two of this 48-hour event, but you’ll be glad you did. If you’re among the many Kiwis attending, that’ll be 5:15 p.m. your time. Over the space of 48 hours, you’ll have access to an impressive programme and presentations by 52 speakers. That’s a lot of professional development.

Business continuity, resilience, and career implications

I’m on deck for 90 minutes, bringing participants my Career and Life Lessons from the COVID-2019 pandemic presentation.

We’ll be looking back a bit at what’s gone on in recent months, how people can nurture resilience, and the implications for business continuity and your own career – including proactive steps you can take.   

This sounds like serious stuff (you’ll see some excerpts above), and it is. That’s why I make a point of also sharing some lighthearted and humorous aspects of what we’ve been going through. “See” you next weekend!

10% registration discount

As mentioned last month in one of my earlier e-newsletters, you can use the code SHELAGH10 to secure a discount on your registration.

Scholarship opportunities

If you follow Lucy or Matthew Want, EA to Lucy, on Twitter or elsewhere, you may have noticed that Lucy’s offering 30 free registrations for the virtual conference for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. You can click here to learn more details, and will want to know that decisions are being made soon; the website shows that scholarship recipients will be contacted Monday morning.

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