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Shelagh's-webinar-series-copyright-Shelagh-DonnellyThe best assistants are always learning, through experience and by engaging in professional development.

While plans for a number of conferences and other in-person learning opportunities have been postponed, that needn’t put a pause on your professional growth.

In fact, given the way 2020 continues to unfold, it may be more critical than ever to continue to connect, learn and adapt. I’ve been adapting as well, and am now offering a series of webinars focused on how to navigate and succeed during pandexit times.

Why pay for webinars when there are so many available without cost?

It’s astute to take advantage of complimentary webinars you may find helpful. I’ve delivered and attended some myself. There are limitations, though, on the depth of professional development that can be acquired without financial investment.

That’s why it’s also astute, given post-pandemic changes and challenges ahead, to invest in learning from someone who’s not only walked the walk for decades, but done so during times of turmoil and recession. Someone who knows what it’s like to be an on-call employee, and also knows what it’s like to report directly to CEOs and support board chairs.

Someone who is authtentic a recognised thought leader, and known for professionalism. Someone you trust to speak realistically about career challenges and opportunities, while retaining a sense of humour. Someone to whom you entrust the job of challenging and engaging you as you make your way forward in your career. This is where I come in.

I present on current best practices

I draw on extensive experience in the career and, just as importantly, on my own ongoing investments of time and resources in scanning and staying attuned to developments in cybersecurity, governance, and the business world.

I do so because what happens in these spheres impacts the way wise assistants will want to approach everything from digital practices to business acumen to how you add value to (and impact) your employer.

Investments in quality and yourself

In other words, when you attend one of my webinars, you’re investing in quality and in yourself.

30-day post-webinar access

You’ll have access to a recording of the webinar for a 30-day period after the live event. This can come in handy if you’d like to review a concept, and if time zones or people throw your schedule for a loop the day of a webinar.

Certificates of attendance

After attending, you’ll receive a certificate of attendance to add to your portfolio and help track your professional development. Such records are also useful when preparing for performance reviews/evaluations.

Registrations opening soon

Check back for details on dates and how to register; I’ll begin offering these webinars in June.

Group rates, with webinars tailored to your goals

If you’d like to secure a group rate for your colleagues or professional association, let me know. I’m already doing this, and delivering a series of webinars for a major employer. It’s a smart, cost-effective way of keeping colleagues connected, engaged and developing even while working remotely.

Click here to send me an online request, or invite your HR colleague to drop an email to I can tailor and personalize presentations to suit specific goals and needs.

My webinars

Have a look below at my presentations. You’ll find a link to the abstract of each presentation alongside its title, with more to follow. Or, take a look at the drop-down list under the “Webinars” tab above and click on individual webinar titles to learn more about each webinar.

Cybersecurity: How to mitigate risks, in the office and remotely (click here for abstract)Cybersecurity-for-the-digitally-dependent-copyright-Shelagh-Donnelly

Best Practices for Virtual and Hybrid Meetings (click here for abstract)Best-Practices-for-Virtual-Meetings-F-copyright-Shelagh-Donnelly

Career and Life Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic (click here for abstract)Career-and-Life-Lessons-from-the-COVID-19-Pandemic-copyright-Shelagh-Donnelly

How to be Productive and Effective – Adding Value (click here for abstract)How-to-be-productive-and-effective-Adding-value-during-this-most-unusual-time-copyright-Shelagh-Donnelly

Communication skills
Organisational skills



Networking, your profile and resilience


Adding value through an advanced understanding of strategy and business

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Shall we talk?

Feel free to drop an email to, or click here to let me know how I can help with your training needs.

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