Weekend Poll results: finding happiness

As mentioned when I published my latest Weekend Poll just days ago, there’s plenty of difficulty in the world right now. Even as we maintain awareness and do what we can to help, it’s also good to focus on what’s going well.

I asked readers what’s bringing smiles to your faces at this point in time, and you responded. 

More than ever, it’s the small things

While you’ll see unsurprising references to travel in the list below, and I’m also dancing inside with thoughts of my own upcoming travel, there’s more. What struck me was the extent to which people remarked on aspects of life we can easily take for granted, and how they bring us happiness. Your comments brought more than a few smiles to my own face. Thank you!

Additional responses have been coming in even as I’m writing this article. If you’d like to comment here or add your comments to the poll itself, I’ll be happy to update this post.

It’s a dog’s life

One reader mentioned having seen Andrew Cotter and his dogs Olive and Mabel live. As I read aloud that sentence I just wrote, I realise it could be interpreted a couple of ways. I’m trying to say this lucky/smart reader saw the trio live as in live/in person, rather than following a man and his dogs around and watching them live their lives! A sportscaster, Cotter adds his wonderful Scottish voice and insights to BBC broadcasts covering the games of  golf, tennis and rugby. 

Cotter is at least equally well known these days for the play-by-play style commentaries he narrates as he records the antics of his two dogs, Olive and Mabel. Cotter began posting his videos as COVID was weaving its way around the world, and our daughter soon brought these YouTube videos to our attention. Watching my first Olive and Mabel YouTube video brought tears to my eyes, a tug at my heart, and a smile to my face. You see, Mabel is a dead ringer for the second of our own two late dogs, Lady.

Spring, Nowruz,  Saint Patrick’s Day

People are glad to celebrate the change of season, the new life spring brings, and annual traditions. This past week also marked Nowruz, the celebration of a new year, for many.

Family, friends and good health

… these are a few of your favourite things! Readers also mentioned their careers in a positive light, and congratulations go out again to one lovely reader who has just retired after more than 23 years with a single firm.

My two cents

There will always be matters to concern us, and difficulties to face and work through. There will also, if we choose to look for and celebrate them, be good and even wonderful things to enjoy. Thinking this way is habit forming, and you’ll see below one reader creates a list each evening of things for which s/he’s grateful.

In publishing last week’s poll, I mentioned some experiences that brought smiles to my face last week. Since then, there’s been much more. I’ll spare you from the full list, yet it includes looking out the window as I write. I see daffodils and hyacinths in bloom, hostas emerging from the soil, new leaves on a climbing rose, and two of our three camellia trees coming in to blossom. A friend who’s been awaiting surgery since last year now has a date set. I have my suitcase out of storage, and have been making progress with sorting what I will – and, most importantly, won’t! – pack for upcoming travels to Scotland and beyond.  I’m delighted as I contemplate the generosity of friends who are helping me to go beyond being a tourist in their respective countries, and sharing their communities with me. Clearly, I’m grateful for the combinations of hard work, good fortune and the easing of COVID-related restrictions that enable me to travel.

It was gratifying to see a video I’d recorded of a local tree bursting with blossoms air on our provincial morning and noon news Sunday, and then again on the same day’s national evening news.

I’m smiling now as I look at some feedback from my latest e-newsletter, published early this morning. I hope this day, and your counterparts’ thoughts below, combine to bring more smiles to your face.

A thought

As we dive in to the results, let’s all think about what we can collectively achieve if each of us decides to say or do something in the next 24 hours to bring a smile to someone else’s face.

The results: what’s bringing smiles to your faces this week

  • Seeing Andrew Cotter and his YouTube stars Olive and Mabel live!
  • Taking a day off in the week to spend quality time with my husband.
  • Seeing the daffodils and crocuses coming through
  • Living life and being grateful for ordinary things
  • Spring is in 2 days & the 1st crocus today made me happy!
  • Family and friends dropping food and flowers on my doorstep while I’m at home with Covid ❤
  • Retiring after more than 23 years with a single firm
  • Watching my Jasmine plant sprout new branches and leaves warmed my heart and brightened my week. Spring is here. 🥰💐 Happy Nowruz! 🌸🌷🌺🌹
  • I’m registered for a conference and that also means travel and seeing friends again
  • Having a happy hubby after cooking the best Irish ☘️ dinner
  • Happy Mom. Happy Son.
  • A week with no 🐾🐾 destruction.
  • Completion of this week’s ENTIRE to-do list by 7 pm on Friday!
  • I love my job and my profession! And I received approval from my Executive to attend the IAAP Summit in Nashville in July! Visa application in × Flights booked × Accommodation booked × What a week!
  • We’ve had spring-like weather
  • I was able to accomplish another week of work and tackle any challenges that arise – in spite of.
  • My one major win is good troubles as I continue to stomp the pavement for the administrative community.
  • I am grateful for my family, friends and health. Remember, what happen yesterday was yesterday. When you fall down just get back up, dust yourself off and keep pressing forward! 🌸
  • Flowering trees are coming into bloom.
  • Every night I write down 5 things that I’m grateful for happened during the day. This week the highlights have been: singing with my choir Beat That Blue, a lovely dinner with other single people, I booked a mini cruise to Oslo with my daughter – really happy that she wants to join me and have the time! And finally I had a really good meeting at work with CFO and the IT Manager agreeing on an action plan for the office on the basis of our latest employer engagement survey.
  • Our garden – there are green buds pushing up through the soil
  • My Moyoeno Lusofonando Team! 🙏🏿 … and my community! Thank you for asking my friend.♥️🙏🏿
  • Being part of a 16th birthday celebration here in Florida and watching eyes glow with excitement and joy…..reminiscing about when the kids were younger and being grateful for all the beautiful times shared🥰
  • Home with my family!
  • looking at a photo of our wonderful dog – while she’s long gone, pics of her bring back happy memories
  • After a crazy over-full, stressful, week, I’m grateful to be in our little corner of France, just for a few days. It’s our happy place. Note: One of the emojis this reader used didn’t transfer cleanly to this page, yet there was a French flag as well as this (half full!) glass of red wine.🍷
  • Turned a year older and still in good health, despite … the medical people I’ve seen in the past five months. Brain still working.
  • We’ll be traveling again soon!
  • I prepped for my annual performance review and was amazed at just how much I personally had achieved in the past year – the range, impact and ultimately the value I added.
  • Thankful to my team, they make a difference each and every day, even when times are tough we appreciate those small gestures of support.
  • The sun has shone all weekend and went out for a morning cycle which set me up for productive days, including tending to and prepping the garden for the beauty that will unfold over the next few weeks. As a result slept a solid 8 hours last night and feel ready and energised for the week ahead.
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Beautiful weather
  • Improved conditions at my job
  • Sleep
  • a good mark on my paper (studies)
  • having my oldest daughter visit from out-of-state this past weekend after 2 years due to COVID. (great hugs! 🙂 )
  • Waking up this morning and realizing I ‘d overslept, but having a good day at work anyway- my choice.
  • Designing a new piece of jewelry and being asked to teach my first class
  • I’m grateful for my faith in God, my family and friends.
  • I like your positive stand point. It’s very uplifting to think that there is still beauty in this world. Me too, I very much enjoy spring time for the new start it omens. It’s actually my favourite time of the year. Sharing my balcony hyacinths with you. The blue ones has been planted in a bigger pot therefore don’t appear in this picture. Have a lovely weekend.
  • … my dogs and cats! They give my husband and I so much joy, laughing at their antics every single day.

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  1. I can’t believe I sent in my happy list and forgot to include my dogs and cats! They give my husband and I so much joy, laughing at their antics every single day.

    • Well, I’ll happily update my article to include them. Pets really do contribute to our quality of life.

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