An Introduction to Governance

available for delivery in person and by webinar

If you’d like to attend this course by webinar,  click here for Shelagh’s Eventbrite page to check for the next scheduled offering. If you’re planning professional development for your colleagues or association and would like Shelagh to tailor this presentation for your group, click here to drop Shelagh a note.

This course

Have you ever thought about applying your EA skills to a role in which you support a board of directors? Or perhaps you and your executive produce deliverables that wind up in front of a board, and you’d like to better understand the world of governance­­.

The governance career is a great option for experienced professionals who like a challenge. Your work must be accurate and efficient, and you need to be organized, flexible and proactive. A board needs a strategic thinker, and the challenges you face require you to be both diplomatic and solution-focused. If you like growth, you’ll appreciate the opportunity to work with and learn from a number of high achievers.

While some boards require that their staff have paralegal education and experience, others provide opportunities for high performing EAs. Shelagh will share her insights on governance and what it takes to succeed in this stimulating career path. She speaks from experience earned over the course of more than a decade of responsibility for a board and its committees.

Key learning points

1. Working effectively with a diverse group of high achievers

2. Confidence through credibility: an introduction to governance

3. Transferable skills you can draw upon, and what it takes to succeed in the board support role


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