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Weekend Poll: Your Insights on Quiet Quitting and Quiet Firing Amid Everything Else

Septembers have changed In my newsletter yesterday, I reflected on just how much times have changed. While some of you will see your respective offices filling up once again as September gets underway and people return from their vacations, that…

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Weekend Poll: Onboarding New Colleagues in ’22

Onboarding in the face of resignations/reshuffling and economic uncertainties It was 2019 when I last asked readers about your onboarding practices – practices readers in some areas refer to as induction. Given the Great Resignation/Great Reshuffling following the Great Upheaval…

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Weekend Poll Results: From A Great Upheaval to The Great Reshuffle

How people are doing In a Weekend Poll a few weeks ago, I again asked readers questions about how and what you’re doing at this point in our pandemic lives. I published some of the results late last month, and…

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How workplace communications are evolving

How do you typically communicate with colleagues? If I’d asked you this question a couple of years ago, you’d likely have mentioned a mix of communication styles. A majority of you may have held most conversations or communications with your…

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