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Weekend Poll Results: How Assistants Really Feel About Digitization and AI

I asked, and readers answered! Here are your perspectives on AI, digitization and the future of your careers.

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Weekend Poll: How Do You Feel About Digitization in 2019?

I’ve been writing for years now on AI and digital disruption. One expert’s take is that people overestimate the immediate (short term) impacts of technologies, but underestimate the long term impacts. How does this make you feel about AI and your career?

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Weekend Poll Results: Well Travelled Assistants

You are one well travelled bunch! Readers’ 2019 plans include domestic and international travel for leisure, conferences and other business purposes. Click here to read more.

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Weekend Poll: Where Will You Travel in 2019?

The weather outside is frightful … or, it has been for some readers, and that can renew focus on travel plans. What leisure or business travel are you planning this year?

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