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Weekend Poll Results: Grammar and business writing

Do you consistently proofread your work? That’s one of the questions I asked readers in a recent Weekend Poll. I also asked about how consistently you proofread different types of work, including minutes and emails. For some, the answer depends…

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Weekend Poll: A Call for Nominations to Shelagh’s 2022 Business Writing Faux Pas Hall of Fame

I’m creating a 2022 Business Writing Faux Pas Hall of Fame … with the best of intentions! Last month, I enjoyed spending time on Prince Edward Island (PEI) with members of Canada’s Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP). In one of my…

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Interview Prep: Talk to the Mirror

Want to arrive at your interview feeling confident and well prepared? Follow a series of progressive steps, including talking to the mirror! No, I’ve not had a few too many glasses of wine today, and am not endorsing narcissism. I…

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Elevating Your Minutes

Now that we spent time Deconstructing Your Minutes in yesterday’s blog, let’s turn to how our use of language can elevate them. When preparing minutes, do you sometimes seek inspiration to minimize repetition of verbs used to summarize actions undertaken…

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