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Weekend Poll: Are You Ready for a (Digital) Revolution?

I’ve posed this question before, but have you paused to consider that you’re living through an industrial revolution? Does this inspire or intimidate you? Or, perhaps, it’s simply a fact of life. We’re in the midst of the Fourth Industrial…

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Weekend Poll: How Confident Are You In Your Career?

Do you believe in your ability to succeed? That’s one definition of confidence, which goes a long way in building a successful career and life.  There’s a difference, of course, between being confident and being arrogant – and many would agree…

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Weekend Poll Results: How Prepared Employers Would Be if You Left

Thanks to all who participated in my latest Weekend Poll. This weekend’s question: What would happen if you left for greener pastures? This latest Weekend Poll marks the third consecutive year I’ve posed questions around succession planning for assistants. Once again,…

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Weekend Poll: Succession Planning for Assistants

It’s 2018, and succession planning is routine … for some positions. Any good board of directors will require that such plans are in place for the CEO and, at minimum, the rest of the C-Suite executives. Potential internal candidates have likely been…

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Stacey King: Insights from Canberra, Australia

Do you ever wonder how your career compares with those of admin. professionals from other countries and continents? Exceptional EA showcases Real Careers, in which administrators from around the globe generously share the benefit of their experience.   We’ve already made virtual trips to 23…

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