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Weekend Poll Results: Confidently Yours

In my latest Weekend Poll, I asked readers to discuss your career confidence and resilience. Confident career assistants Studies have shown that a significant percentage of people are lacking in self confidence, but that’s not the case with the majority of…

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Weekend Poll: How Confident Are You?

This weekend, we’re looking at confidence and resilience in the context of your career. This is my second annual poll on the topic, so watch for year-over-year results next Tuesday.

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Weekend Poll Results: Confidence and Imposter Syndrome

With thanks to all who participated in my latest Weekend Poll, here are your responses to my question … How confident are you in your career?  A majority of you have high levels of confidence … and that certainly helps,…

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Weekend Poll: How Confident Are You In Your Career?

Do you believe in your ability to succeed? That’s one definition of confidence, which goes a long way in building a successful career and life.  There’s a difference, of course, between being confident and being arrogant – and many would agree…

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