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Weekend Poll: Lockdown redux and looking forward

Lockdowns, restrictions and … doughnuts Depending on the region and country in which you live, pandemic-related restrictions have either eased or increased in the last couple of weeks. Here in Vancouver, by the Pacific Ocean, we’re dealing with increased restrictions….

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Weekend Poll Results: Goal Setting in 2019

With the new year well underway, I asked readers last weekend about your 2019 goal setting. Here are the results, along with some ideas that may support your likelihood of success.

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Weekend Poll Results: How Readers Did With Their 2016 Goals

With thanks to all who are participating, here are the results of this past weekend’s poll. Our focus: How did you do with your 2016 goals or resolutions? We know that identifying goals and resolutions is the easy part. Here’s a…

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Weekend Poll: Honestly, How Was 2016 for You?

Happy 2017, everyone! This past year was one of dramatic events on the global stage. Some of you will remember 2016 for the development or celebration of friendships or love, the achievement of professional growth or recognition, or the birth of…

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