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You say you like to listen to podcasts during your commute? Maybe you prefer to set aside a bit of time at your desk to play them on your PC/laptop … or are you among the readers who  has your ear buds ready for your workouts? Whatever your choice, I’m delighted to bring you my thoughts over your speakers and headphones, as well as your screen.

You’ve not yet been in the habit of listening to podcasts?  This is a great way to incorporate them into your professional development routines. Listen to them whenever you like.

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Stories from the road: In addition to business-focused conversations and updates on my Weekend Polls, I’ll also share stories from the road. When I present training sessions to audiences in different cities and countries, I love to explore their home towns and surrounding areas, so you can also check here for insights that may help you with travel planning.

Bookmark this page, as I’ve just launched it, and will adding more podcasts on a regular basis. Shout outs to readers and listeners: I value my readers and social media followers, and appreciate it when you retweet or otherwise share my posts, stories and photos. At the end of most podcasts, you’ll hear me extend my appreciation to specific readers and professional associations who’ve made an impact.

Please drop a note, here or on social media, to let me know what you think of these podcasts … and let me know about other topics you’d like me to discuss.

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